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Gematra, Aug 22, 11 6:26 PM.
1. For all those rep grinding junkies this site will help you not only track your reputations but it will also help you calculate how much rep xp you still need. It will give you helpful tips where to rep grind, what to kill and how many kills it will take, what quests to do (if there are any) and what items to turn in etc. Sometimes those numbers are discouraging lol but dont give up! Keep your eyes on the prize and you will get the achievement!

2. Since void storage will let you store all the junk you have and transmog will let you change your gear to whatever you please, you can now go after those fancy robes that you always wanted ;) This site is very wow fashionistas dream Oh yeah you know you want to look like a snooty nobleman or a pastry chef and still crit for 70k :D

3. If you dont really want to farm actual tier sets, you can get a tier look a like set. Here are some old tier look-a-likes

mount guide

Gematra, Aug 7, 11 5:54 PM.
I was writing an easier accessible mount guide but my power went out twice and i lost all of my work, in frustration i gave up. but here are 2 great sources:


Gematra, Jul 5, 11 1:33 AM.
After hours of running dungeons we reached lvl 9!!! Congrats lil eaters!


Gematra, Jun 26, 11 4:27 PM.
Official patch notes are out! Tuesday is the day! Patch 4.2 is on our way! Hopefully servers wont be down all day! Firelands here we come!

Gasp! New Mounts!

Gematra, Jun 21, 11 11:38 AM.
So Blizz released a preview for new mounts....Lets just call this one "mounts I'll never have"

1st up is
Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake. To get those not only you need to do rated arena but you have to be really really good at it, in fact you need to be in top 5% per battle group!!!

2nd up is 
Horde War Wolf and Alliance War Steed (no one cares about Alliance of course). This one is potentially doable since the only requirement is to get "Veteran of the Horde II"  achievement which is win 150 rated battlegrounds. 

3rd up is
Corrupted Fire Hawk. This pretty purple birdie is a reward of "Glory of the Firelands Raider" achievement. Clearly doable for people who raid......ok I am not gonna go on a rant about the raiding issue

4th up
Pureblood Fire Hawk. This orange beast is a rare drop from Ragnaros in the Firelands Raid.

5th up
Green Fire Hawk...clearly green birdie but he is still a mystery as of right now

6th up
Flametalon of Alysrazor. I think this one was born in molten lava! This birdie is not yet confirmed as loot from Alysrazor in the Encounter Journal but c'mon with its name matching bosses name how can it not be its loot...

Best for last. well not really. 
7th up
Flameward Hippogryph. This one we all have a chance to get. All we have to do is complete "The Molten Front Offensive" achievement...which is really easy. 1st step: complete all the questlines of the new Firelands daily quests. step 2: get mount. step 3: TADA! 

Well that's it for new patch4.2 mount preview from me. If you want to take a look at their pictures head over to here and enjoy!

Gnome Eaters is a small casual lvl 11 guild. We are recruiting everyone who's interested in having fun, lvling, PvPing, a little bit of old raiding and everything in between!!! We are fun loving laid back people where dress code is casual :D We are recruiting all classes, races and all lvls. 
Our requirements: Good attitude, friendly, must be over 18 and bring me a cookie :)

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